Hello! I'm V.

Writer. Editor. Workshop Facilitator

I earned my B.A. (honours) and M.A., both in English, from McMaster University. I wrote four fairy tales and a companion essay exploring the writing process for my B.A. honours essay. I earned M.A. in English focusing in the field of Medical Humanities by exploring patient narratives, or memoirs. Writing my patient narrative, I earned a Certificate in Creative Writing through University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. I am completing  my first novel, Patient in Limbo. I lives in Canada with my husband, daughter, and our two dogs and two cats.

Write with me!


Have a project that needs editing? I offer professional editing on a wide range of material, from manuscripts to business reports. My editing style includes structural, stylistic, copy, and proofreading as outlined by the Editors’ Association of Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards (2016).


Passionate about my M.A. thesis work, I developed an online workshops available in group or individual settings. The workshop explores writing through the patient journey. Attendees have the option for up to 2,000 words of their final piece edited with feedback.


Are you looking for writing accountability? A safe space to bounce around some ideas about your writing project? Hoping to find that person who will encourage you to meet your goals? Let me know what you need for a tailored plan.


I offer creative and essay writing tutoring in individual settings. The sessions emphasize questions to encourage the writer’s original work.


Once in a while, an essay idea pops into my head and I need to write it out. Sometimes these musings will be fully fleshed with research, and other times they’ll be lorem ipsum.

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